This is a formal declaration of Independence against the United States political system. The system is no longer about representing the public fairly.  Once elected, politicians are nothing but selfish bureaucrats who are loyal to nothing but their own careers and political parties.  How often does a politician truly stand up for what they believe in or even believe in what they say they believe in?          

I understand how ironic it is that a government founded by a Declaration of Independence could then have one against it but that is what it has come to.  The different parties, all in it for themselves, and the lying politicians who would say anything to stay in office.  We founded this nation in order to ensure representation from the government.  However, we are stuck with a system that does everything but.  

I encourage everyone to stop putting up with this system and start trying to change it.  We decide who gets in office and who doesn't.  We must make sure when making our decisions that we are not picking the person who makes the best promises but someone who can be trusted.

This work was made earlier in the semester and it shows me learning to express my ideas in a specific genre.  Instead of just saying "I don't like political parties." I am writing a declaration separating myself from it.

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